[conspire] Re: RHL 9 Install problems

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jul 8 18:19:53 PDT 2003

Quoting Greg Dougherty (rhl at molecularsoftware.com):

> > [formatters are supposed to mark off bad blocks, not fail]

> > Yes, that's what should have happened. 
> Should mark them off?  Or should just fail?

Should mark them off -- if you use the check-bad-blocks option.

> That's fine, that's why I set it to check bad blocks in Disk Druid.


> One of the CD-ROM drives I tried didn't like my disks, the other did.  That's
> why I tried using the RHL isos.

Well, this certainly leaves open the possibility that your CD drive is
having a problem reading the disks (even if the disks themselves are


> I downloaded and burned it.  when I try to run fsck, it complains that
> the partition is mounted.  I tried using umount (both "umount
> /dev/hda2" and "umount /root", for example), and it insisted that the
> thing was NOT mounted.  Bad blocks read only claimed not to find
> anything, and it refused to run Bad blocks read-write, because the
> partition was mounted! :-(

First of all, I hope/assume you actually _booted_ the LNX-BBC.  I can't
imagine your not doing so, but wanted to check, just in case.

Second, you should type the command "mount" with no options or
parameters, to double-check what is mounted, and mounted where.  
Then, if any part of the hard drive is reported as mounted, umount
exactly that.

The "umount /root" is definitely not appropriate, since (during your use
of the LNX-BBC) that will be either part of the mounted CD drive or a
RAMdisk (can't remember which).

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