[conspire] (forw) Thanks for the help with my laptops (fwd)

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Sun Dec 29 13:38:13 PST 2002

On Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 03:19:00PM -0800, Dan wrote:
> Conspirators,
> I'm looking for a store which would be a good source of pcmcia
> devices (modems, networkcards, etc) for some older linux laptops
> I have:
> ibm thinkpad 600e
> acer 501dx
The goodies are not so much about whether the laptops are "older" as
whether they are so old that you need a 16 bit card (pcmcia, pc card)
as opposed to a 32 bit card (pcmcia, cardbus).

> Rick mentioned a place on Lawrence I believe but I forgot to write down
> the name.
> Something like...
> accent computers?
> action computers?
> -Dan

"Accent Technologies" is where SVLUG holds installfests.  No relation.

Action Computers.  Driving on Lawrence Spwy, North from Arques (the
street that Sunnyvale Fry's is currently on) or North from Central
Xpwy (just in case Sunnyvale isn't your normal haunts and you had no
idea where its Fry's was for some strange reason)...

pay attention to the right hand side of the street, in fact, be in the
right lane.  You should see Action, Subway, and Dot Com Depot (Disk
Drive Depot, Corporate Systems Corp, whatever the sign says these days)
in the same sector, and turn right into the "little side street" which
is really a meta-driveway.

If you miss that one you can turn in past the Compuware and drive along
the back side of the parking lots for the next sector.

Yeah, the McDonald's is connected to that same lot too, in yet another
If you're coming from the 101, then you'll head south, and you'll have
to either left turn at Oakmead and enter the lot near Coco's and
McDonalds, or go all the way to Arques and make a U-turn.  Even if it 
wasn't a divided highway and/or you owned an SUV to have fun with, there's 
too much traffic to make it across, on the average.

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