[conspire] (forw) Thanks for the help with my laptops (fwd)

Dan robxbob at LinuxWillBe.com
Sun Dec 29 15:19:00 PST 2002


I'm looking for a store which would be a good source of pcmcia
devices (modems, networkcards, etc) for some older linux laptops
I have:

ibm thinkpad 600e
acer 501dx

Rick mentioned a place on Lawrence I believe but I forgot to write down
the name.

Something like...
accent computers?
action computers?


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Subject: (forw) Thanks for the help with my laptops

Dan, I'll be glad to answer all of that, but would you mind asking the
questions on conspire at linuxmafia.com?  That way, other people can
benefit.  Thanks!

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Subject: Thanks for the help with my laptops


thanks for taking the time to help me with my 2 linux laptops last night.

It was an excellent learning experience.

What was the name of the store you mentioned (on Lawrence I believe?) which may be
a good source for pcmcia cards?

Was it action compters? accent computers? active computers? aspect computers?

Dan at LinuxWillBe.com

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