[conspire] pcmcia 16 bit modems

Dan robxbob at LinuxWillBe.com
Sun Dec 29 16:25:35 PST 2002


Now that I have the name/location of Action Computers nailed down...

I'm looking for suggestions on a good pcmcia modem to buy for my
linux laptops.

I'm convinced I need a pcmcia 16 bit pc-card modem as opposed to 
a 32 bit pcmcia device since my current (working) network cards have 
"pc-card 16" written on them.

Is a pcmcia 16 bit pc-card modem enough of a generic device that
I may be free to pick one from a wide variey of choices?

If it turns out that I need to try out 10 different pcmcia modems
before I find one which works, I'd prefer to just buy a tiny external
hayes compatible modem and connect it to my serial port.


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