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  • BSD / Linux Comparison - Points of comparison (2000) between Linux and *BSD
  • CABAL Article - Article about the CABAL Linux user group
  • Digital Domain Reply - Daryll Strauss debunks Grant Boucher's claims about use of Linux at Digital Domain
  • Effective Advocacy - Eric S. Raymond's advice on effective Linux advocacy
  • Four Phases - Evan Leibovitch's 'Four Phases of Linux Acceptance'
  • Hawaii Open Source Foudation - HOSEF is a non-profit foundation to teach and expand the OS in the schools
  • Linux Government - E-mail mailing list to discuss Linux integration and migration issues for governments
  • Linux Is Not Windows - Article debunking the usual error of judging Linux by Windows-imitation standards (marred only by the ridiculous acronym 'FOSS')
  • Linuxmanship - Don Marti's article on how to advocate, and not to advocate, Linux
  • Linux Misconceptions - Linux Misconceptions doc from comp.os.linux.advocacy (1998)
  • LinuxOne - Article about the 1999 Linux firm LinuxOne, by Rick Moen
  • Live CD Distributions - List of dozens of Linux distributions designed to run entirely from CD-ROM
  • LUG HOWTO - The Linux user group HOWTO, maintained by Rick Moen
  • Mac OS X - Discussion of Apple Macintosh OS X from one Linux user's (and former NeXTStep user's) perspective.
  • Mean to Newbies - Problems of helping people diagnose problems, and gratuitous offence-taking
  • Moving Target - People saying what 'Linux must do' are often just playing a moving-yardstick game
  • Myths - Links to debunk Microsoft Corp's 'Linux myths' page
  • Myths (Kinder) - Kenneth R. Kinder's 1997 'Linux Myths' FAQ (old)
  • New LUG - Practical advice for founders of new Linux user groups, by Rick Moen
  • The OS Guerrillas - Sam William's archive copy of his Upside article about a CABAL InstallFest. Notable for his quotation from Bill Schoolcraft.
  • Publicity - Worksheet for publicising Linux events in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Signatures - Story about shenanigans at a Linux firm about .signature blocks
  • Tiemann Letter - Letter to Michael Tiemann about grossly hypocritical claims from a different Linux company's spokesman
  • Understanding - On seeking technical understanding — or not
  • Unix vs. NT - The classic John Kirch 'Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX' paper from 1999
  • Visionary Thing - Bob Metcalfe about what the term 'visionary' really means
  • Why? - Reasons to choose Linux
  • Windows Refund Day Correspondence - Dozens of e-mails related to Windows Refund Day (1998 - very long)
  • Windows Refund Day FAQ - Draft FAQ for the Windows Refund Day Web site
  • Windows Refund Day - Aftermath / outcome of Windows Refund Day
  • X-Mailer Hide-and-Seek - Shenanigans at a Linux firm about X-Mailer headers
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