2.3.02: The "Sad Bracelets"/Male A'dam --Updated

Descriptions of the item:

  • [TSR: 52, Need, 600] "...-a necklace and two bracelets of jointed black metal-..."
  • [TSR: 54, Into the Palace, 628] "...dull black collar and bracelets... ...wide jointed collar..."
  • [TSR: 54, Into the Palace, 630] Moghedien: "[The bracelets are] not metal, but a form of cuendillar.... Put the collar on a man who channels, and a woman wearing the bracelets can make him do whatever she wishes, true, but it will not stop him from going mad, and there is a flow the other way, too. Eventually he will begin to be able to control you, too....Or two women can each wear one bracelet, if you have someone you trust enough; that slows the seepage considerably, I understand, but it also lessens your control....Eventually, you will find yourselves in a struggle for control with him, each of you needing him to remove your bracelet as surely as he needs you to remove the collar."
  • [TSR: 54, Into the Palace, 630] Moghedien: "The collar and bracelets were made after I was [bound in the Bore]"
  • [TSR: 55, Into the Deep, 638] 'Egeanin touched the collar, pushed the bracelets away from the collar.... "It is not an a'dam," the Seanchan woman said. "That is made of a silvery metal, and all of one piece.'
  • [KOD 27: A Plain Wooden Box]  After capturing Semirhage, Rand's party finds a box containing six a'dam and five copies of the sad bracelets. Nynaeve is furious that Egeanin did not keep her word and drop the sad bracelets in the ocean.

Where are the bracelets now?

Semirhage and Elza Penfell use a set on Rand in The Gathering Storm [TGS 22: The Last that Could be Done]. Rand escapes them, by channeling the True Power and destroys the Domination Band, then balefires Semirhage and Elza. It is not known what happened to the other copies.

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