2.1.4: When was Rand's Power Acquisition Fever Syndrome?

[Erica Sadun]


  1. OP use: cleansing Bela: [TEOTW: 11, The Road to Taren Ferry, 125]
    Reaction: Baerlon encounter with the Children of the Light, [TEOTW: 15, Strangers and Friends, 186-190]
    Time: seven days.


  2. OP use: Hitting Trolloc with the boom of Domon's boat. [TEOTW: 20, Dust on the Wind, 258-259]
    Reaction: Mast/trapeze stunt on Bayle Domon's boat [TEOTW: 24, Flight Down the Arinelle, 301-303]
    Time: four days.


  3. OP use: calling lightning to escape the inn in Four Kings [TEOTW: 32, Four Kings in Shadow, 407]
    Reaction: fever/chills at the inn in Market Sheran. [TEOTW: 33, The Dark Waits, 423-426]
    Time: two days.


  4. OP use: at the Eye of the World.
    Reaction: Forgetfulness, others?
    Time: nearly instantaneous.

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