Using the Chapter Ornaments

Excerpt from an email from Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Tor Senior Editor)
April 22, 1996

Several RJ fans have asked us about using the Wheel of Time chapter ornaments, and other visuals associated with our editions of the books, on their Web pages or other RJ-related publications.

In the past, we have said no.  Now we're saying it's okay to do that.  With certain limitations.

You may reproduce these elements on Web pages or in print publications that have to do with Jordan's work.  You may not use them as a decorative element on consumer goods.  In other words, you can use them all you like on an RJ-related Web page, but we're not giving you permission to put the wheel-and-snake on a mug and sell the mug.

We'd appreciate it if, somewhere in your publications or web pages, you noted that the art is copyright by Tor Books and used by our permission.

As ever, you may reproduce our covers all you like, so long as you reproduce at least the _entire_ front cover, type and all.  You may not excerpt the cover art, without the type, unless you have the artist's permission to do so.
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
A full list of the chapter icons can be found at

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