0.06 Who is Robert Jordan, really? What else has he written? And why isn't he finishing the series?--Revised

Robert Jordan is actually a pseudonym for James Oliver Rigney, Jr., under which he had written the "Wheel of Time" fantasy series as well as several books of the "Conan" series (Conan the Invincible, C.t.Unconquered, C.t.Magnificent, C.t.Victorious, C.t.Triumphant, C.t.Destroyer, C.t.Defender).

Other pseudonyms which he has used are Reagan O'Neal (the "Fallon" series of historical novels), Jackson O'Reilly (Cheyenne Raiders, a Western) , and Chang Lung (contributions to various periodicals including Library Journal). [Source: Contemporary Authors vol. 140].Many, if not all, of the Conan books are still in print. Tor Books has re-released the Fallon books under the "Forge" imprint, with covers done by infamous fantasy artist Darrell K. Sweet.

In 2006, Jordan announced that he had been diagnosed with a rare blood disease called Amyloidosis (Amy-LOID-oh-sis). In September 2007, he succumbed to his illness, leaving behind his wife, Harriet (who was also his editor), and his stepson, Will. Jordan spent the last year of his life working on the conclusion to the series and left behind a wealth of written scenes and dictated notes for the conclusion of "The Wheel of Time". In December 2007, Harriet selected up-and-coming fantasy author, Brandon Sanderson, to complete the series using those notes.

Jordan had intended to write another fantasy tale set in a Seanchan-like culture as his follow-up. The main character would have been a more mature figure than Rand, and the tale involves him being shipwrecked in pseudo-Seanchan, where whatever is cast up on the shores of one's estate becomes one's property, even people. It is doubtful that this series will be written now.

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