1.6.1: Where do Trollocs and Myrddraal come from?

[Pam Korda]

[Sources: A letter from RJ in which I foolishly asked whether Trollocs breed, or whether they're grown in a big vat at Shayol Ghul; and various "monster-of-the-day lessons" sprinkled throughout the books.]


  • The original source was a mixing of human and animal genes in an attempt to produce the "perfect soldier," as envisioned by somebody (Aginor) who'd never seen actual combat.
  • There are female Trollocs, but we don't want to know more than that.
  • Where Myrddraal come from: occasionally, a Trolloc offspring is a genetic throwback in the direction of the original human stock, but not all the way back, and twisted. Thus, eyeless but with super vision, very strong (but not as strong as a Trolloc), and the shadow-traveling ability.
  • Myrddraal take their "pleasures" with human females, who suffer horribly from the experience; it drives them mad, if they survive at all.

Of course, the diapers of baby Myrddraal don't wave in the wind. :)

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