2.3.09: What do Dreamers and Dreamwalkers do?

[Emma Pease]


  • Entering T'A'R: We know that regular people can do this, though they are not usually aware that they are doing so. At times the Forsaken seem to pull people into T'A'R (the dreams the boys have in TEOTW for instance). Also Dem thinks when he sees Elayne in T'A'R (LOC) that she has a ter'angreal of the sort used in the AOL to teach students how to enter T'A'R. My guess is this skill can be taught to any AS and perhaps to anyone.


  • Entering other people's dreams: This is what Egwene does with Gawyn's dream and it's also the skill the Wise Ones use to pass messages around. This does seem to be specific to 'dreamers'.


  • Foreseeing via dreams: This can also be done by Wolfbrothers.

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