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0.04: What are these Jordan Wheel of Time books?

The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan: U.S. Hardcover editions, from Tor Books:

U.S. Paperback editions, from Tor:

Related Books, all from Tor:

U.S. Trade Paperback editions, from Tor:

In January of 2002, The Eye of the World was split into two volumes and republished as part of Tor's youth-oriented line of books:

The text from the original is not abridged. FTTR has a new prologue chapter that features some of the characters a few years before the start of TEOTW; TTB includes a new glossary. Both books are illustrated.

In January of 2004, The Great Hunt will be similarly published as two YA mass market paperback volumes by Starscape:

The books are illustrated by Charles Keegan, who also did the art for the YA TEOTW books. There are no extra chapters that I'm aware of.

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