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When I was young, my friends and I loved to play Mad Libs (tm) word games. Several key words in a story were blanked out, replaced by notes saying what part of speech each missing word was. One player would call out the parts of speech, and the others would suggest words to fill the blanks. When all blanks were filled, the person with the story would read the completed version aloud. The results ranged from the silly to the sublime, and almost all were worth a few good laughs.

I've devised a set of similar word games here, using form fill-in HTML instead of pencil and paper. The stories all involve Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series and the fandom surrounding it. Some of the passages resemble things from the books; others mock (in a friendly, fun sort of way) the things we fans say and do on rasfwrj.

If you're not familiar with the parts of speech, you may want to read my Guide to the Parts of Speech.

September, 2001: These games are still down because of a system loss. I don't know how soon I'll be able to restore them. I regret the downtime. --Bill

You may select a story or have the system pick one for you at random.

Pick a Random Story

The Wind and the Wheel
Bayle Domon's Wonders of the World
About the Author
Newbie's First Post
Dark Prophecy
Sing of Manetheren
What do the Ajahs Do?
What is Ji'e'Toh?
A Letter from Alviarin
Shaiel's Story

Credits: While most of the work here is my own, several people who've helped deserve recognition. Joe Shaw and Kevin Denelsbeck suggested some of the story ideas above. Dorothy Johnston wrote most of the framework for "Shaiel's Story". Erica Sadun assisted with the title graphic. Thanks to Lars Nyland for HTTP server space. And thanks, of course, to Robert Jordan and Tor Books, without whom this derivative humor could not exist.

Disclaimers: The Wheel of Time books are copyrighted by Robert Jordan. This page is not intended to infringe in any way upon his copyright or Tor's publishing business. "MAD LIBS" is a registered trademark of Price Stern Sloan, Inc.

If you have comments, suggestions or an idea for a story that you'd like to see here, please send me email.

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