Pictures from the Darkfriend Social

Chris Williams (above, left) enjoyed his first social, but he let us know what he thought about the "policy" of first-timers having to buy all the oldtimers a drink. Ever since a misunderstanding with Judy and recipes, Brian Postow (above, left) still gets frightened whenever he hears someone say, "Warder".

Judy Ghirardelli, Bill Garrett, and Erica Sadun -- quite possibly the three most nefarious hoaxers in existence -- pose in a picture to prove that they're all separate (non)entities. Of course, the people seen here might not actually be us, but dummies we hired. Or the dummies might just be us.

John Novak insisted that we take a picture of his former flatmate, Craig Levin, standing next to Chad Orzel. As you can see in the picture, Craig needed some vertical enhancement.

Do the Limbo!
Erica started a trend when she crawled underneath the table. Craig Levin followed her and pretty soon it turned into a sport. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Brian, and Judy watch with vague amusement.

Joe Shaw and Erica Sadun, the Uno-sisters, take a few moments to "ketchup" on old times.

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Bill Garrett