Wheel of Time FAQs and Resources

If you haven't already read the FAQs (lists of Frequently Asked Questions), you should start with them.

The Wheel of Time FAQ represents the best of more than 6 years of fans' discussion about the books. If you've never read it, do so now! It greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the series when I read it.

The rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan group FAQ contains basic guidelines and suggestions for participating in newsgroup discussion. Take a look at it before you post.
Wheel of Time fans may also be interested in:
TOR Tor Books now has an official Wheel of Time page. There you can find information about all the books and a list of Robert Jordan's upcoming signings.

Other Archive Sites on the Web

Many Robert Jordan fans have built their own archives of information about the Wheel of Time series. Let's start with two good indexes:

Search for "Robert Jordan" or "Wheel of Time" on your favorite search engine and you'd find hundreds of matches. Visit those pages, though, and you'd find most of them fairly content-free. Here's an annotated list of pages with good information, pages that are worth visiting again and again:

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