"I of course have zero evidence for this, but since when has that stopped any of us?" -- David Wren-Hardin

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This version of the WOTFAQ was initially published in October, 2010.


Introduction to the WOTFAQ-- a Word from the FAQueen

This is the Wheel of Time Wondrous Masterpiece of Assembled Knowledge, Theories, and Discussion (a.k.a. The Frequently Asked Questions compendium). Up until the publication of the 11th book in the series, Knife of Dreams, the WOTFAQ was edited and maintained by me, Leigh Butler; since then it has been passed into the admirable keeping of Jennifer Liang and the folks at Dragonmount. All Hail the FAQing Amyrlin Seat!

The FAQ was originally based on discussion of The Wheel of Time series on the Usenet group rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan, as well as some personal correspondence, and a few other sources on the Web; it now includes contributions from many different people and sources in the online Wheel of Time fandom community.

This version of the WOTFAQ (v8.0) contains lots of SPOILERS for all books of the Wheel of Time, up to and including Book 12, The Gathering Storm. If you haven't read, don't read.

Standard Reference Format: [Book Abbreviation: Chapter Number, Chapter Name, Tor HC page number]

A Note from the New Regime

This is a different WOTFAQ than what you've seen previously. The changes aren't just cosmetic. The home community has shifted and there's a new editor in town. I know some of the changes made will ruffle feathers. Too bad. I have done my best to honor the work of previous FAQueens while also keeping the mandate that this is a living document that has to grow and update.

Also of note, because I know it will be asked, this WOTFAQ is based entirely on questions that were asked frequently and the most commonly proposed theories.  This means there is a high chance that your pet theory is not represented. Even though I have been a beta reader for both The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight, there are no spoilers or secret, hidden knowledge contained wherein. If I thought there might be even be a slight chance of personal bias or insider knowledge creeping into an article, I asked someone else to write it. I used only the most commonly available sources for reference material. At no point did I attempt to contact anyone from Team Jordan or Team Sanderson for plot related information. There are no "cheats" in this version of the FAQ.

Copyright Information


The Wheel of Time FAQ (WOTFAQ) contains writing by many authors. The individual authors hold copyright to their respective contributions, as cited in the text. The Wheel of Time books, and all quotations therefrom, are Copyright 1990-2010 by the Bandersnatch Group. The Wheel of Time chapter icons are by Matthew C. Nielsen, and are Copyright 1990-2000 by Tor Books, used with their gracious permission. Unattributed material in the WOTFAQ is Copyright 2010 by Jennifer Liang, Leigh Butler, Pamela Korda and Erica Sadun. This version of the WOTFAQ is Copyright 2010 by Dragonmount.com, Leigh Butler, Pamela Korda and Erica Sadun.


What does all that mean? You may not distribute the WOTFAQ in any form, in whole or in part, without written permission from Dragonmount.com. You certainly may not claim any part of the WOTFAQ as your own work, unless, of course, you wrote that part. You may print out a copy of the WOTFAQ for your own personal use. You may keep a copy of the WOTFAQ on your own computer for your personal use, provided that you don't distribute it. For example, you may not make the WOTFAQ available on your web page without permission. You may link to the WOTFAQ from your web page.


You may quote short portions of it as reference material, provided that you provide proper citation and credit.


For more information about copyright law, see:

Copyright on the Internet

The Copyright FAQ

Ten Big Myths about Copyright Explained



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FAQing Amyrlin Seat: Jennifer Liang (jennifer@dragonmount.com)

FAQueen & Former Keeper of the Chronicles (previous FAQ Maintainer): Leigh Butler

FAQueen Emeritus: Pam Korda

Master of the Blades (Original Site Design): Matthew Hunter.

Mother of the FAQ (Originator of the WOTFAQ): Erica Sadun.

Advertisement-free Web space courtesy of:  Dragonmount.com / Argonaut Media.  Site redirects for legacy links courtesy of: Rick Möen (original site); Alistair Young (UK mirrors); Maggie Brazeau and David Scotton (US mirror); and Kate Nepveu (2nd US mirror).

Leigh’s List of FAQing Awesome People: The following people were instrumental in getting (and keeping) the FAQ up and running during the years I maintained it: Kevin Bartlett, Richard Boyé, Maggie Brazeau, Steven Cooper, Jeff Dougan, Bill Garrett, Hawk, Evan “Skwid” Langlinais, Duncan Macdonald, Rick Möen, Kate Nepveu, Karl-Johan Norén, John S. Novak III, Pat O’Connell, Daniel Posey, David Scotton, Kjell Stahl, Jennifer Winters, Alistair Young, and of course my predecessor, Pam Korda. Without their help the FAQ would not have been possible. Thanks also go, naturally, to Jennifer Liang and Jason Denzel, whose efforts are ensuring that this rather remarkable document lives on in fandom. Y’all all rock.

Jennifer's List of FAQing Terrific People: (AKA "These People Exist Solely to Keep me from Looking Dumb"):  Working on the WOTFAQ has been a wonderful experience. It would have been considerably less wonderful without help from the incredible folks who helped out along the way. Particular thanks go to James "Luckers" Luckman, whose fingerprints are all over this nearly as much as mine; Matt Hatch, Looney Theorist-in-Chief; and Linda Taglieri's keen eye for detail. Smaller (but in no way lesser) contributions were made by Dominic, Majsju and Sela. A deep debt of gratitude goes to Bob Klutz for maintaining Encyclopedia WoT, which kept me from endless flipping through my paperbacks for references. Special thanks go to Ben "Valorian" Gundersen who offered technical advice on using and abusing Drupal for this project and to Laura Negin who assisted with the copyediting. As always, thanks to Jason Denzel, without whom none of this would be possible. I'd be remiss if I didn't also thank my husband, Jimmy. He did absolutely no work on the WOTFAQ whatsoever, but gamely puts up with late dinners and unfolded laundry whenever I'm facedown in fandom. You can buy him a drink at JordanCon.

All Contributors Great and Small

Jose Abrigo * Megan Aguiar * Nevin Aiken * Dylan Flynn "Easing the Badger" Alexander * Zareh Amirian * Chris Anderson * Joe Armao * Michael Arnett * Hugh Arai * Sandy Armstrong * Keith Aschinger * R. Nathanial Azinger * Will Baird * Maia Bakroeva * Glen Justin Balmer * Charles J. Barbec * Chris Barrera * Kevin Bartlett * Tony Bartling * Daniel Bartlett * Scott Bateman * Rob Bauer * Brian Bax * Lara Beaton * Guillaume Bergeron * Aaron Bergman * Alice Bergmann * Jonathan Berlinghoff * Alex Bertran * Tim Biddulph * John Walter Biles * Young Blandford * Aaron Bourque * Jamie Bowden * Philip Bowles * Richard Boyé * Chris Bradley * Maggie Brazeau * Mark Brimicombe * Bill E. Brooks * Jean-Luc Brouillet * Michael Brown * Timothy S. "Timmy" Bruening * J.P. Bryan * Charles Buckley * Jason Burrone * Stewart S. Bushman * Elizabeth Butler * Leigh Butler * Arthur Bernard Byrne * Shawn Cady * Adam Canning * William Carew * Paul W. 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