Pictures from the March DC Darkfriend Social

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Here's the group posing for the typical group shot. Note that the real Darkfriends are those who wear sunglasses because they cannot bear the Light.

Front row, left to right: Brian Postow, Judy Ghirardelli, Mike Ikeda. Middle row: Joe Shaw, Megan O'Neill, Pam Korda, Brad Smith. Back: Chad Orzel, Bill Garrett.

Since Hawk typically doesn't like to appear in pictures, Pam graciously volunteered to model for us the Green Shawl that Hawk has. (The shawl was a gift to Hawk from her warders at the January social).

Pam's a Green, too, except for that little bit of Red she saves just for Roy.
I wonder if she's wearing anything beneath that shawl...

(That was just a joke, Roy.)

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Bill Garrett