Time to Get Funky!

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After playing volleball using the sheep as the ball, we started feeling comfortable enough to get to know the sheep a bit more personally. Paul, as the resident Aussie, was clearly the most experienced in dealing with sheep, so he went first.
Paul loves ewe Paul loves ewe
As you can see, Paul needed a spotter (Eric) at first but was soon able to handle it solo.

And then it was Drew's turn....
Drew loves ewe Drew loves ewe
Drew also needed a spotter at first but then found that he was more interested in oral sex. In the background, Nathan and Eric are getting grossed out while Julie and Noell avert their eyes.

Finally, it was my turn.
Bill loves ewe
I prefer the female superior position, of course.

Afterwards, we all basked in the afterglow. (I got to cuddle the sheep because she's mine, dammit.)
Relaxing afterwards
Left to right are: Tom O'Narey, Nathan Lundblad, Bill Garrett, Chris Mullins, Aaron Bergman, Drew Gillmore, and Eric Milota.

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Photos by Bill Garrett and Noell Milota
Page by Bill Garrett
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