Pictures from the Santa Cruz Beach Social (7/18/98)

I've split this photo collection into two pages to ease the wait for each page to load. Believe it or not, this page is the tamer of the two. See page 2 for the racier stuff.

Here's a picture taken late in the afternoon as we were playing volleyball on the beach. Faces are awfully hard to discern in this picture, so I won't bother pointing out who's who.

Playing volleyball on the beach

The real fun came when we replaced the volleyball with an inflatable sheep (anatomically correct, of course). Here's a picture of that:

On the near side of the net, left to right are Paul Khangure, Noell Milota, and Eric Milota. On the far side are Aaron Bergman, Nathan Lundblad, and Drew Gillmore. Julie Kangas is referreeing from the sideline.

Here's another picture of pretty much the same thing, but from the other side.


As I put away my camera, Noell took out hers and caught me in the action.

That's Drew and Eric on the near side; Bill, Aaron, and Julie on the far side.

If you're not titillated enough yet, go on to page 2 of photos.

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Photos by Bill Garrett and Noell Milota
Page by Bill Garrett
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