Wheel of Time Action Figures

A random comment by another contributor on rasfwrj made me wonder when we'll see a company like Kenner or Hasbro marketing the line of Wheel of Time Action Figures. Just imagine what some of these would be like:
Comes in several models: Country Shepherd, Outlands Lord, Dragon Reborn. Each has different color hair and is a different height. One has a detachable hand.

Comes dressed in a muscle shirt and tight shorts that show off his muscles, particularly his well-turned calves. With an AAA battery (sold separately) his yellow eyes glow in the dark.

Comes with an assortment of 8 knives that you can hide in different places around his person. One eye is removable.

Her arms can be moved around and folded under her breasts. Comes with a hickory stick and a heavy ring that you can wear.

Press a button in her back and she sniffs. Note: there's no joint in this figure's neck, so her head is always angled slightly upward.

Sorry, it's a secret.

And now for the Bad Guys:

Has a cape that doesn't blow in the wind ('cuz it's plastic). The sword is sharp and will really hurt you if you touch it. Not recommended for children under 10.

Sold separately or in groups. There are many different models -- some have goat, pig, or bear heads; some have feet, claws, or hooves. Collect them all!

Trolloc Cookpot Accessory:
Just big enough to hold one of the human figures, doubled over.
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Bill Garrett