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First thing is that I want to predict is that the next book will start at about the same time as TFoH and will include all of the story lines not found in TFoH. Ie what happened in the Two Rivers; Bayle Domon, Eganian, and an encounter with the Seanchan; Hurin and the Shienierin; etc.

But this is about the Two Rivers. After the successful riddance of the Trollocs and the Whitecloaks from the Two Rivers, things begin to settle down. Perrin and Faile try to learn what life as a married couple is like. Unfortunately the rest of the town won't let them. The Village Council insist on building them a large, no huge, no tremendous house for them and their pets (a falcon or two and a couple of wolves). The Women's Circle believe that Perrin would make a good mayor and put pressure on the Village Council to do just that. As the women are about to make this grand announcement. Lord Luc shows up and agrees with this idea wholeheartedly, not allowing Perrin a chance to renounce him. That night, in T'a'r, Perrin and Luc have a major fight, where Perrin almost dies and actually does lose track of his humanity. The fate of Slayer is unknown. Verin, who has been trying to get Perrin to do something all along, states that his prognosis is not good, and that another wolfbrother is needed to bring him back to sanity.

At this point two parties go out in search of Elyas: 1) Faile, Loial, Gaul, Chiad, and some young TR boy. 2) Tam, Bain, Alanna, a tinker, and Abell Cauthon. Verin and Aram stay at Perrin's side to try to coax him back to health. Aram finds himself taking over more and more of Perrin's care, shutting everyone else out.

The first party finds Elyas, and brings him back to the Two Rivers just in time to save Perrin. The Tinker in the second party turns out to be a darkfriend, and you don't want to know what happens to that party. Perrin overhears about some trouble in Caemlyn and decides to rush there to help out. Eventually, he climbs over the Garden Wall and is there to save Rand from Morgases wrath, as all of the characters get back together.

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