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Winner: Second Place, Most Humorous (tie)

Winner: Third Place, Best Lanfear References

Winner: Third Place, Most Novel

Plot - line for The Fires of Heaven

In the Waste: Bubbles of evil burst forth, attacking Mat and Rand, who master them eventually.

Back in the 2 Rivers: Perrin just awakens when a cock crows 3 times. Faile's undergarments come alive and attack him. Perrin fights them, while not making any noise to awaken Faile, who needs her sleep since she has PMS (probably morning sickness). Perrin, not wanting to damage her underclothes, finally masters them by grabbing them when they come close and putting them on. At last the fight is over. Faile awakens to her horror, seeing Perrin wearing her lingerie. She becomes the 1st woman in Randland to suspect her husband is a cross-dresser.

In Tar Valon, the long lost Jaim Farstrider has finally shown up with the story about the Eye of the World. He got lost between the stedding and the Tower, turned east instead of west, and has spent the last 20 years with the people east of the Waste, for whom he was their love slave. At last he was freed, by some woman dressed in white and silver. The most beautiful and unsatisfiable woman he had ever met. She frees him, talking mysteriously about how some men just reach out and grab *things*, while for others it must be forced upon them. Very confused, he completes his trip to Tar Valon to deliver his story. The Aes Sedai don't even care since it is now known that the Eye is gone. There, he runs into Laras, whom he embraces! He never thought he'd find her again. We learn that Laras is really his long lost twin sister, Jain Farstrider! Jaim and Jain are reunited at last!

Meanwhile in the 2 rivers, Aram the Tinker goes off on a kind of pilgrimage into the Mountains of Mist. There he finds a treasure - da Song at last! He is very confused though as to the meaning of da Song. It begins "Since my baby left me, I've found a new place to dwell...". Through very subtle hints by Jordan, we find out that the remains of Graceland lie in the Mountains of Mist, and that Aram is actually Elvis Reborn (This will become a new trilogy, the books being _The Hole of the Dougnut_, _The Great Hips_, and _The "King" Reborn_.)

Meanwhile in Caemlyn, Padan Fain for some odd reason has started referring to the dagger from Shadar Logoth as "my precious".

It is discovered that east of the lands east of the Waste live dwarves and elves. (the Net revolts!)

Jordan gives hints to indicate that the great spike in the middle of the bowl in the mountain is actually the long lost Mars Observer.

In Tanchico, Liandrin of course realizes at last that she is a lesbian. After meeting Suroth again, they fall in love. When Bors comes to visit, Suroth gets ideas about letting him into their love sessions. Liandrin is digusted and rejects Bors. Bors makes some disparaging remark which contains the words "dyke bitch". Liandrin *hates* to be called that, and toasts Bors.

Logain and Co. make it to Tear, where he pulls the Sword from the Stone, and is ungentled in the process. After re-examining the Prophecies, it is discovered that *Logain* is the true Dragon Reborn, and that Rand is just another False Dragon on a Tar Valon leash. Book 5 ends, ending the Series with Logain dying and saving the world, and Rand being gentled and living happily ever after as Lanfear's love slave in the lands east of the waste.

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