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Plot prediction for The Fires of Heaven

TFOH starts with Bayle Domon and Egeanin being taken by the Seanchin. The sad bracelets are taken at the same time.

Min, Logain and SS are on their way to Tear. When Logain arrives in tear, he will pull the sword.

Ordeith/Fain heads up from two rivers to Camlyn, spreading bad word about "Lord Perrin Goldeneyes", the upstart to Morgase through Rahvin/Gaebril. She orders Perrin's arrest. When Perrin & Faile arrive in Caemlyn, they are immediately arrested. Perrin makes it away and heads to Saldea, meets up with Faile's father Gen. Bashire and brings an army down into Caemlyn bringing that city to ruins. They then run off to the far far far east to escape retribution.

Nynaeve and Elayne start back to Tar Valon, believing their mission is done. They head that way via Carhein, bumping into Rand and company who are arriving from the three-fold land. Rand has been in training with Asmodeus and is becoming far better at channeling and control. Mat, still with Rand, is sent with Elayne to the island of the Wind Channelers to spread the word about Rand however, since this island is controlled by the Seanchin already, they are taken captive and Elayne is collared. Berelain, proud descendant of Artur is clawing her way into becoming the next Empress. Mat is tortured because of his raven staff.

[Alternatively: Nynaeve and Elayne do not meet up with Rand and are taken captive by teh Whitecloaks. Rand attempts to save them, is beat up by several Forsaken, has his hand cut off and is cut off from the one power as Logain pulls the sword].

Lanfear keeps looking out for all the good guys and begins to think that Logain isn't so bad looking himself.

Nynaeve and Lan/Moiraine and Thom finally...well YOU know!

Oh. And did I mention that Egwene, now turned to the dark, becomes the Amyrlin seat and deposes Elaida who was good after all?

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