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The Fires of Heaven


Rand begins to get bored with his studying and repeatedly gets annoyed with Asmodean. Lanfear appears tries to convince Rand to continue to study with him. Rand repeatedly refuses. Lanfear seduces him. They have mad passionate sex. Rand changes his mind.

After having been hung, Mat finds that his luck is changing for the worse. He eventually finds himself captured by the Seanchan. After getting himself in even worse trouble with the Seanchan, he is forced to marry the Daughter of the Nine Moons. After getting one look at her, Mat attempts to blind himself so that he won't have to look at that hideous face. He is stopped after only blinding one eye. On the night before the wedding Lanfear approaches Mat, and since she pities him, they have mad passionate sex. Mat's luck turns back around.

Perrin and Faile have marital difficulties. She keeps wanting to go out and get into the thick of it all; He wants her safe and sound. After an intense argument, his animal nature breaks through and he, having lost control, runs off into the woods. Lanfear finds him and coaxes him back to humanity. At which point, other parts of his animal nature come through. They have mad passionate sex. Perrin learns to control his wolven nature.

After spending so much time with the other 12 members of the Black Ajah, Liandrin comes to the realization that she, like all members of the Red Ajah, is a lesbian. At one point, Lanfear visits her, to give her some new orders. Liandrin attempts to seduce Lanfear. They _don't_ have mad passionate sex. Liandrin is toast.

While experimenting with traveling, Rand inadvertently travels back in time to the First Age. He encounters a young man, and accidently brings him back to the Third Age. Lanfear attempts to console the poor misplaced man. They have mad passionate sex. Roy finally gets to know if Lanfear is good in bed.

All of the major females in the story get upset that Lanfear has made out eith their men and try to cut her down. Galad, now Whitecloak captain, notices this woman being attacked by so many women who can channel and comes to her rescue. He spirits her away from the clash. They have mad passionate sex. During the orgasmic experience, Lanfear discovers that he can channel. She coaches him for a while (having seen Asmodean teach Rand), but soon the revolt finds them. They use the Kick-ass sa-angreals and cause fires to rain down from the heavens destroying all of the pesky females. Galad fears that he may have broken a rule someplace and goes into hiding.

Logain makes his way to Tear, in an effort to grab Callandor. Lanfear stops him, telling him it would destroy him. He insists that he must grab the sword. She stops him the only way she knows how. They have extremely mad and passionate sex. And as he plunges his "sword which isn't a sword"into her, the two share an experience unlike any before. The experience ungentles Logain and in a combined uncontrolled outburst of the One Power from the two lovers a seal is broken and Ishmael is once again killed. Logain comes into his glory as the only man in Randland that can satisfy Lanfear.


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