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Prediction: (obvious) the Seachan will get their hands on the sa'adam by capturing the ship before it goes overboard. (The deep spot it's to be thrown into is off of some islands, which the begining of the 4th book shows to be under Seachan control.)

Prediction: The invasion of Cairhein will be completed by the end of book 5 or 6, and Rand al'Thor will seat Moiraine Damodred on the throne, whether she wants to be there or not. (Begining book 4, he says he has a candidate in mind.)

Prediction: Faile is second in line for the throne of Saladea. (known) Her aunt, the Queen, is an Aes Sedai of the White Ajah, and her Father the Queen's warder. Both will be killed by the book's end, leaving Perrin Goldeneyes lord of Manetheren, ruling from the Blight in the north to the Manetherendrelle on the south. (Side guess: the manetheren crown jewels will be found behind the falls of Eldrene's veil.)

Prediction: Gra'endal (sp?) is either suldam in the Court of the Nine Moons, or the suldam raised to the blood. Matrim, when he encounters her in book 6, will be protected by the amulet from the Aelfar, and will leash her.

Prediction (Wild): One of the Hundred companions will return, having spent the last three thousand years sheilding himself behind the Mirrors of the wheel from its grinding, if not the dark one's taint.

Prediction: Elaine will be threatened by one of the Forsaken, and Thom Merrilin, having overheard one too many lectures on the One Source, will discover his own trainable ability to channel, aiding Elaine in the capture of the Forsaken.

Prediction: At least half of these predictions will be wrong. :)

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