Submission 16 - Lady Lanfear, Daughter of the Night, bride of Roy


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REUNION OF Aviendha, Min and Elayne.

Elayne: "Aviendha, this is Min. She is a first sister to me, as you are to Egwene."

Aviendha: "I see you Min."

Min: "And I you, Aviendha. As a matter of fact, I *have* seen you before, oh just let me think where."

Elayne: "Min, what do you see in Aviendha's aura?"

Min: "Oh, nothing too odd. A snowstorm, Rand, a building made out of ice, Rand again, a severed hand, a dead rabbit, Rand again, hummm, a bridal wreath, you sharing your husband with 2 women, Rand again.... No clue what it means though."

Elayne : "Hey, Min, you don't think... about that third woman..."

Min: "Oh, I *knew* I'd seen you before!"

Aviendha: (turning bright red) "Elayne, there's something I have to tell you. About Rand."

Elayne and Min: "Oh my..."

Aviendha: "I tried to deny my feelings Elayne, really. But those flaming Wiseones made me sleep in the same tent with him, and I just could not fight it anymore. One can only run so far from oneself. I tried. I even ran to Seanchan! But Rand was too much for me. I tried to be impervious to love, but his country so my heart does change."

Min: "No! You shall not have him. I saw him first! Before either of you red or milk haired sops!"

Elayne: "But Min, really. You hardly even *know* him! You did but see him passing by!"

Min: "Ah, but he is so sweet and kind, was never form so pleased my mind."

Elayne: "But I'm the one who stole kisses from him in Tear! All those dark corners. Oh, the memories. His gesture, motion, and his smile. His look, his laugh, my heart beguiled."

Aviendha: "Well, you 2 sops can quote poetry all night. I don't care Min if you did see him first. Or you Elayne if you stole his kisses. I stole more than *that* of his." *wicked grin*

Min and Elayne: "You!! NO!!"

The word still hung in the air when Lanfear took them.

"And yet, I'll love him til I die."

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