The Great Linux Revolt of '98


Here we have another series of photos from the first stop (at Fry's):

Looking sideways across part of the rally. The Fry's entrance is way in the back, between the columns, and everyone you see is part of the 60-to-80-person SVLUG contingent. We saw almost nobody interested in buying Win98, the entire evening.

We couldn't help noticing that the overhead Fry's sign and almost all exterior lighting got shut off immediately after Fry's store management noticed the rally.

The guy on the far left in the white shirt is Sam Ockman, SVLUG boy wonder and evil mastermind behind this entire conspiracy.

Lust, greed, and penguins: What more could you ask for?

Here's Sam again, holding up one of several very impressive placards constructed for this event. Remember, the whole affair originated in Sam's sudden idea at 3 pm that afternoon, and all signs and banners were made from scratch, spontaneously by many volunteers, in a few hours.

Here's a head-on view of another part of the SVLUG throng.


Make sure you also see the SVLUG RALLY page. Also, more pictures & coverage can now be found at Mark Willey's site (, and Nick Moffitt & Alex Fedosov have quite a few QuickTime movies. Press coverage so far includes Nikkei in Japan (accessible from the SVLUG RALLY page), CNN Interactive, Salon Magazine | 21st, Need to Know Now (UK), Time Magazine Netly News, Asahi Shimbun, the San Jose Mercury-News's Mercury Center (in a now-unavailable issue), the Boston Herald, and Tasty Bits from the Technology Front.

Check back later: Charles Ritter is promising yet more photos.

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By the Way . . .

SVLUG followed this stunt with a Launch Win98 (on a rocket) event. Yes, our model rocket with Win98 CD-ROMs as "stabilisers" did crash (but not burn). Photos are coming in, some of them at

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This page added by Rick Moen. Photos are by John Beale. (Thanks!)