SSH for iPhone and iPod Touch

[This is a peculiar development platform in that Apple, Inc. insists on having absolute control over all iPhones, i.e., being the sole conduit for acquiring and installing applications. (Determined purchasers can temporarily "jailbreak" the device, but run risks by so doing.) Accordingly, uniquely for this DRM-imprisoned platform, primary hyperlinks will (except for Dropbear) almost certainly be those at the Apple iTunes Store (which are not real hyperlinks, but rather redirects that attempt to launch the iTunes application and require you to consent to the iTunes Store's licence agreement to get further information), but I'll try to also include developer links.

Also, all of these applications (except Dropbear) so far are available solely through the iTunes Store.

Last, Apple, Inc. also require in the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement, section 5, that developers' licensing "not purport to require Apple (or its agents) to disclose or make available any of the keys, authorization codes, methods, procedures, data or other information related to the Security Solution, digital signing or digital rights management mechanisms utilized as part of the Program". Consequently, there cannot be applications for iPhones (except rare jailbroken ones) under open source licensing: All iPhone apps are required to be proprietary.]