[sf-lug] Questions about Cloud Services

Ronald Barnes ron at ronaldbarnes.ca
Fri Feb 3 12:38:39 PST 2023

Jonathan Drews wrote on 03/02/2023 06.09:

> I looked at the reviews for cloud services at Trustpilot and most of them are negative.

I had a look at Digital Ocean's reviews, since I'm familiar with their 
excellent online documentation.

Some of those reviews were ... odd.

A large proportion complaining about bots hosted there, and an equal 
proportion complaining that their account was frozen upon signing up due 
to DO's anti-fraudulent behaviour detection.

Then there were ones from people unable to form coherent sentences 
complaining that DO was withdrawing money from their accounts, which 
might be true, but their word is tainted by their clearly poor 
communication skills.

So, I decided to check out Linode:

 > https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.linode.com

Also a low score (2.5/5).

However, Linode staff is in the comments, replying to most complaints.

Also people complaining about locked accounts due to potential 
fraudulent sign-up details, so they're also actively trying to block bot 

Late Night Linux podcast has $100 signup promo codes with Linode should 
you be interested.

Basically, the complaints about hosting services hosting bots seem 
disingenuous - with millions of customers, it's impossible to prevent 100%.

And of course hosting / VPS services are where botnet creators are going 
to go.

Still, I'm really surprised that not a single company got >= 3/5 stars 
average review.

Just my 2¢.

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