[sf-lug] Meeting notice and lately at Distrowatch

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Jan 29 20:52:40 PST 2023

Hi Team
	Meeting notice at <https://www.sf-lug.org/>

          		Lately at Distowatch.com

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 1004, 30 January 2023
Contains a review of OpenMandriva ROME


2023-01-26 	NEW • BSD Release: OPNsense 23.1
OPNsense is a FreeBSD-based specialist operating system designed for 
firewalls and routers. The project has published a new release, OPNsesne 
23.1, which includes networking improvements from FreeBSD and updated 
packages. note the exception to my rule of no Unix here but some
may find it useful.

2023-01-26 	NEW • Distribution Release: Peropesis 2.0
  	Peropesis (personal operating system) is a small-scale, minimalist, 
command-line-based Linux operating system. The
project is expanding its small collection of included software,
adding build tools, a database, and text editing utilties:
	185 MB iso file <https://peropesis.org/news/?nr=50#2023-01-26>


2023-01-21 	NEW • Distribution Release: ArchLabs Linux 2023.01.20
  	Matt Dobson has announced the release of ArchLabs Linux 2023.01.20, 
an updated build of the project's minimalist, Arch-based distribution 
featuring the dk window manager (a tiling window manager similar to 
bspwm).<https://forum.archlabslinux.com/> if you need help.  This uses 
systemd. The iso file is about 1000 megabytes.


2023-01-20     NEW • Distribution Release: Legacy OS 2023
      Legacy OS, a project originally targeting older hardware, has 
returned after several dormant years. The distribution was once a member 
of the Puppy Linux family, but has shifted its base to antiX while 
maintaining the same IceWM user interface.
<https://wikka.puppylinux.com/LegacyOS>  This is full distribution with
mainline tools.  Does not use systemd.


2023-01-18 	NEW • Distribution Release: Lakka 4.3
	Lakka is a lightweight Linux distribution that transforms a small 
computer into a
full blown game console. The distribution is based on LibreELEC and runs 
the RetroArch console emulator. The project's latest release is Lakka 
4.3 which updates RetroArch to
  1.14.0 and adds support for the Orange Pi 4 platform.


	Bobbie Sellers aka
bliss - on the ever-faithful Dell Latitude E7450, PCLinuxOS 2022
KDE Plasma 5.26.5 Kernel:  6.1.8-pclos1 (64-bit)
KDE Frameworks  5.102.0 - Qt Version: 5.15.6
Graphics : X11 - Mesa Intel® HD Graphics 5500
15.5 GiB of RAM - CPU 4 × Intel® Core™ i7-5600U CPU @ 2.60GHz
Actually 2 real cores and 2 virtual cores.

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