[sf-lug] Talk on Shell Scripting

Ken Shaffer kenshaffer80 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 10:18:46 PST 2023

Very nice presentation.  It got me to look around at some old files,
and was glad to see some fixes in the last few years addressed the
locale COLLATE oddities with (bash) character ranges.  [a-x] no longer
matches any upper case, even in non C locales.(well at least in the
"en_US.UTF-8", didn't check any others.  Not so glad to see the
simpler shell dash got altered a bit to allow "strange" ranges like
[A-b] --  which  used to be a syntax error, but now does exactly what
the ascii values of the chars treated as the range indicates.  Anyway,
no more defensive coding to set the locale to C in your scripts!
Things do change over time, sometimes for the better.

On 1/18/23, Ronald Barnes <ron at ronaldbarnes.ca> wrote:
> Michael Paoli wrote on 18/01/2023 02.53:
>> "slides":
>> https://egoslike.us/semibug/shellscriptingtips.html
> I think that there's an update to the page(s) at that link, although
> it's still pretty informative.
> Also, it's a really nice looking and "fun" to use site (took me a couple
> seconds to realize it's horizontal scrolling, but it makes excellent use
> of that feature).
> rb
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