[sf-lug] Administrative note

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Dec 7 01:03:28 PST 2022

Christian Einfeldt wrote:

> I think that this topic is appropriate here.

Your opinion is duly noted -- but you don't get a vote.

And:  Just to make this _very_ short and easy:  Don't push it.

> If we can't talk about a former US head of state calling for the
> termination of the US Constitution, we are misapplying the rules here.

Question:  Can you point us to "the rules"?

Answer:  No, you cannot.  http://linuxmafia.com/mailman/listinfo/sf-lug
states a requirement for jobs postings, with the implication that 
violations will be dealt with by retromoderation
(https://everything2.com/title/retromoderation) and sanctioned.  And
nothing else that could be called "rules".

As it turns out, many de-facto "rules" are embedded in the Mailman mailing
list software and its per-list configuration, but strictly speaking are
not rules, but rather things that, if you try them, will be
automatically prevented from working.  There are many of these, many of
them antispam or protections against common mistakes such as
accidentally posting "administrivia", such as commands the subscriber
intended to send to Mailman itself.

This mailing list happens to be administered by someone who is not at
his first rodeo.  Therefore, he knows that listing "rules" is a chump's
game, inviting 1. rules-lawyering, 2, brinksmanship, and 3.  the
erroneous perception that the admin is not serious.

Therefore:  We (sf-lug mailing list administration) don't list a bunch
of rules.  Instead, we expect people to exercise common sense, but hold
in reserve the Mallet of Loving Correction in case common sense lacks.

Suggestion:  Make sure you amply apply common sense.  Clue:  You were
not showing very much, upthread.  Clue#2:  Feeding clues is Not My Job, Man.

Clue#3:  I've observed among compugeeks a characteristic error that, if
you are willing to talk about something, that implies you are not
serious, and that the matter is up for debate.  Please do not make that
error, or (depending on particulars) you may not enjoy the results.

-- The Listadmin

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