[sf-lug] Administrative note (was: Whew...)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Dec 6 23:46:43 PST 2022

I'm delighted to see that this mailing list is and remains a 
relaxed and reasonably focussed Linux user group mailing list.
(Nobody's expected or required to be on-topic all the time.)

I'm just throwing in a marker, speaking as the de-facto sole listadmin,
that there _could_ be limits, as to the extent and/or volume and/or
duration and/or obnoxiousness of off-topic digressions, where the
listadmin would eventually speak up officially, and say "Cool it."

The antecedent thread wasn't in that territory[1], and I appreciate
people's good sense in staying away from such territory.

-- The listadmin

[1] Before someone asks, no, the boundary will not get specified as
purported rules, as that just invites rules-lawyering and brinksmanship.

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