[sf-lug] Adding c to ...Linux dropping i486 support

aaronco36 at sdf.org aaronco36 at sdf.org
Fri Nov 4 12:42:25 PDT 2022

Thanks for the speedy response! :-)
I wrote quite recently....

> Network domain name 'grimmbros'....
> =============================
> 1. amd64 virtualbox host OS 'snow7dwarves'
> Debian-based 32bit guest machines....
> a. VBox-label and guestname 'sleepy' for BunsenLabs Linux
> b.     "             "      'bashful' for CrunchBang++ Linux
> d.     "             "      'grumpy' for Debian GNU/Linux Stable 'Bullseye'

Yep, a good possible suggestion for the omitted letter "c" is Sparky
Linux, https://sparkylinux.org/
There is a version for the 32bit (i686 non-pae) architecture, although
just like BunsenLabs and CrunchBang++ Linux, the latest 32bit Sparky Linux
v6.4 is based upon Debian's Stable 'Bullseye' and is also currently
UNavailable at the local mirror https://mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu/ :-\

Haven't come up with a good Snow White -related vbox guestname for this
selection yet, so it's open for someone else's suggestion :-)

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