[sf-lug] 20220703 Meetup follow-up

aaronco36 at sdf.org aaronco36 at sdf.org
Sun Jul 3 12:46:07 PDT 2022

Was listening to Michael P's ramblings at the SF-LUG Jit.si Meet
meetup[01].  Am currently using the Brave browser on a Dell Studio XPS
8100 MT[02][03] desktop that I actually _found_(!) on the street last
Apparently both the webcam+mic used last week and a current 1/8"
microphone all seem to fail to transmit spoken input (untested too on
other machines):-\

Am currently downloading ISO's for several Linux distros (and FreeBSD) to
run in Virtualbox[04] vm's using a Devuan linux[05] host (systemd-free,
yay!) on that XPS 8100[02].  Am downloading those distro ISO's via a local
higher-throughput mirror site[06].

On another 64bit PC that I gratefully inherited from someone else, have
currently installed Slackware64 15.0 [07]. That PC is a Lenovo H50-50
desktop [08][09] and has 16GB RAM.
Any thoughts from anyone out there what stable(non-rolling!) Linux distro
I might want to dual-boot that H50-50 machine alongside Slackware64-15 ??

FYI, Slackware uses the LILO boot-loader[10] and already set up LILO to
use a mkinitrd'd smaller kernel on the machine's 800MB /boot partition.
Already have installed Bodhi Linux[11], Bobbie S's preferred
PCLinuxOS[12], Michael S's preferred Debian GNU/Linux[13]and several other
distros as vbox vm's on the XPS 8100 MT, so don't want to re-install these
on the H50-50 ;-)

Have tentatively considered for dual-boot installation on the H50-50 a
half-dozen distros among the top 40 or so systemd-based (yep, got that
right) distros listed at distrowatch[14].



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