[sf-lug] Fwd: Transcripts from QuantumLink

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Wed Jun 1 08:11:40 PDT 2022

Hi Team,

	Took a look and it seems to be as advertised.  Latest news from 1986 
and 1987.


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Subject: Transcripts from QuantumLink
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2022 01:36:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: Robert Bernardo <rbernardo at iglou.com>
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc

Some transcripts from the classic (1986-87) QuantumLink on-line service 
are now available for you to read.  The subjects cover the C128, GEOS, 
Butterfield, C64, Commodore, the Midnite Gazette, Amiga, and SYSOP.  Go to


Robert Bernardo
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