[sf-lug] Meeting notes for SF-LUG Jit.si meeing of 2022-05-01 + a little newssf

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun May 1 20:40:55 PDT 2022

Hi LUGers,
	Well I was on time to the meeting but through-out my
microphone was out of action and nothing I could do restored
its function.

	Ron from BC was there early.  He was having some sort
of problem as well.  Not just sure what it was but it was annoying.

	Ken S. was next on with his cheery smile and some help
for various matters.

	John St. came in Ok but he has decided to become a politico
and will be running for a seat on the San Bruno city council.  He
sought advice about the easiest to use tool to construct a web site
for this campaign.  We all wish him every success and i think he
got some good advice from the members.

	Aaron C. came along and contributed to the conversation.

	Akkana P. phoned in from her new home and I left her and
Aaron talking as I left about 1 PM very tired from from trying
to get the microphone to work.  I rebooted and reinstalled audio
components including  kernel 5.17.5 .  I tried several other
kernels without success.

	Hopefully I will have my microphone in working order or
replaced by June 5, 2022 when the next meeting by jit.si or
in person will be.

	If anyone has anything to say about my reporting
please offer corrections asap so that the members who
read this are not confused by misinformation.
	Thanks to all who attended.


	And Now a very tiny bit of news.

	Ubunto users are advised to hold off on the new 22.04 iso files
and this review is pertinent to that matter. Read it at the URL below/


	New releases at Distrowatch include

2022-05-01 	NEW • Distribution Release: ExTiX 22.5
	ExTiX is an Ubuntu-based desktop distribution which replaces the 
default desktop environment with alternatives. The latest version of 
ExTiX is 22.5 which is based on Ubuntu 22.04, a long-term support release.


2022-05-01 	NEW • Distribution Release: Zephix 5
	Zephix, a recent addition to DistroWatch, has been updated to version 
5. Zephix is a live Linux distribution based on Debian's stable branch; 
its aim is to provide a free modular operating system that users can 
carry with them and use wherever there is a laptop or a desktop system 


2022-04-29 	NEW • Distribution Release: KaOS 2022.
KaOS is a desktop Linux distribution that features the latest version of 
the KDE desktop environment. The latest snapshot of KaOS offers a number 
of desktop improvements.


2022-04-28 	NEW • Distribution Release: Voyager Live 22.04
Voyager Live is an Xubuntu-based distribution and live DVD showcasing 
the Xfce desktop environment. The Voyager Live project has published a 
new release, Voyager Live 22.04 LTS, which provides five years of 
security updates. This release ships with both the Xfce desktop and 
GNOME, allowing users to switch between the desktop environments from 
the login screen.


  Not a Systemd Fan? Here are 14 Systemd-Free Linux Distributions
      Last updated March 28, 2022 By Ankush Das.
  These are not in any ranked order.
    Full article at <https://itsfoss.com/systemd-free-distros/>


	And if you liked Unity a new release of this opague
Desktop Environment is out if you read the whole Distrowatch
Weekly Newsletter.

	That's all folks.

	Bobbie Sellers
Phah! Nothing like this could ever happen in real life.

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