[sf-lug] Ubuntu 22.04 on Distrowatch.

Ken Shaffer kenshaffer80 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 10:17:09 PDT 2022

Although updates are turned off temporarily for Ubuntu 22.04
snap problems, who've thunk!  I did slip in the narrow window for a
fresh install on the 21st, and an upgrade from 21.10, and on the 22nd,
an upgrade (via the do-release-upgrade -d ) from 20.04.  The
do-release-upgrade -d had failed to upgrade the 20.04 system on the
21st, claiming I needed to be starting from a 21.10 system, but it
worked the 22nd.

The 21.10 upgrade for some reason didn't offer Wayland as a default
login option, but explicitly setting the commented out option to true
(and uncommenting) did allow it.
Python 2 is finally gone, as expected for a few years now, and the
expected changes in a few scripts from python3.8 to python3.10 worked.
Postgresql's update from 12 to 14 worked as expected, install the new
14 on the next port (5433), leave the 12 running on the 5432 port, and
export/import your data at your leisure.  I did need to reinstall
qemu-kvm, and then all my virtual machines (using kvm) worked.  The
steam icon on the launchbar for some reason was set to
"dontusedefaultGPU" but my default was Nvidia, which I wanted.  steam
from the launch bar using Intel's GPU produced only black windows, but
steam from a terminal worked fine.  Changed the
/usr/share/applications/steam.desktop, and the launcher used the
discrete GPU (and tells you with a R. click). The 20.04 upgrade did
not offer Wayland with the Nvidia hardware regardless of setting the
UseWayland option -- there was some hope that with the Nvidia 510
driver, Wayland would be offered.  There are ways to force Wayland,
but I generally avoid getting too far from the mainstream.

 That was it, my ancient 32 bit microemacs and old OpenVSP copies
still ran, the only obvious change was the Firefox Snap did not use
the Gnome theme, but keeps a black titlebar.  Overall, a pretty easy

On 4/23/22, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Bobbie Sellers (bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com):
>> Id you uaw Kubuntu don't baother until at laeast 22.04.1.  Reading
>> Usenet the 22.04 is not ready for production work.
> "Avoid like the plague *buntu releases until at earliest the first point
> release" has been conventional wisdom for, like, fifteen years.
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