[sf-lug] Need a new Linux mini-pc? and some news...

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Wed Apr 20 22:21:49 PDT 2022

Hi LUGers,

	Well I got the Linux Pro weekly update and it had old news and
	But I chose to mention it because this sounds like a hot piece of 
> Star Labs Unveils a New Small Format Linux PCcomputer
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> Apr 18, 2022
> Jack Wallen
> The Byte Mk I is an AMD-powered mini Linux PC with Coreboot support and plenty of power.
> Star Labs has been known as a manufacturer of Linux laptops for some time. Recently, however, the company has dipped its toes into the mini PC market and its first release is impressive on paper.
> The Byte MK I is a first-gen mini PC equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800 Octo-Core CPU (up to a 4.4GHz clock speed), AMD Radeon graphics, and up to 64GB of 3200MHz RAM and up to 6TB SSD storage.
> Besides the power the Byte MK I offers, one of the most impressive features is the number of ports you’ll find, which includes 2 full-sized USB 2.0, 2 full-sized USB 3.0, two full-sized HDMI, gigabit ethernet RJ45, one USB-C (for power and expansion), a combo audio/mic jack, and a Micro SD slot. Finally, the Byte MK I ships with the Coreboot firmware and the Star Labs Coreboot Configurator utility.
> The base price for the Byte MK I is $793.00 and includes 8GB of RAM and 240 GB of SSD storage. The ship date for orders is late June 2022 and you can get a 5% discount for pre-orders (while the device is still in production).
> Order your Star Labs Byte MK I now.

	Now There is another mini which I had missed hearing about.
Purism Launched a MiniPC  The makers of the Librem line of Linux-based 
laptops have released a mini PC.	

	IF you can go to the URL below you can find more about the
Purism and links to both Star Labs and to Librem.


	In unrelated news PCLinux has released 4 new iso file as of 2022.04 in 
two KDE Plasma 5 version, Mate and XFCE.  If you want
further information about these you have my email address.

Meanwhie at Distowatch...
     In unrelated news Alma Linux has released a development version.
2022-04-19 	NEW • Development Release: AlmaLinux OS 9.0 Beta 1
[AlmaLinux OS]   The AlmaLinux OS project maintains a clone of the Red 
Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. The AlmaLinux team have published 
new development media for testing.

2022-04-13 	NEW • Distribution Release: TurnKey Linux 17.0
Jeremy Davis has announced the release of TurnKey Linux 17.0, a new 
stable version of the project's highly-specialised, single-purpose set 
of server appliances. The project's version 17.0 is based on Debian 11 
and includes an experimental build for Raspberry Pi 4 computers

2022-04-01 	NEW • Distribution Release: deepin 20.5

	The other news is that Mikki McGee has email again and may recover 
enough from her illnesses to join us at some point in the
distant future.  She lost her email as her provided pulled out of
her town.  I think that was before the Pandemic Restrictions started.

	Be ready, the next jit.si meet will be on May 1.

	Bobbie Sellers

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