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aaronco36 aaronco36 at SDF.ORG
Thu Dec 2 10:04:29 PST 2021

Quoting top of recent posting from [1]:
> The roster (list of subscribers), number of subscribers, by date:
> $ sf-lug_roster_stats

As before[2], might also be interesting for admittedly just a few readers 
to see the number of mailing-list postings per contributor in a given 
timerange; the number of each person's postings during, for example, the 
current Fourth quarter 2021.

Roughly eyeballing it by sorting Fourth quarter 2021 Archives by author[3] 
and further manually sorting by ascending posting frequency, an ad hoc, 
non-scripted snapshot of the results yield the following to date...

User 1stname        Number of postings
================    =============================
Robert              1
John                2
Al                  3
Ronald              4
aaronco36 (self)    5 including this posting
Michael             14
Rick                17
Bobbie              18



aaronco36 at sdf.org

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