[sf-lug] correct URL?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Nov 8 17:22:00 PST 2021

Quoting Ronald Barnes (ron at ronaldbarnes.ca):

> Recovery went reasonably smoothly.
> So thankful that I did it to myself and not an employer nor client!
> Let us never speak of this again.

Ha, oh yes!

There was the time in 1999 when I was head sysadmin at a then-famous 
Linux company.  My staff saw me, head-down, clickety-clickety, then 
I stop, mutter an imprecation of theology and/or biology, and got up and
grabbed the keys to the server room.  Six heads popped up, before I
could reach the door:

Them:  "What'd ya do?"
Me:    "It's kind of embarrassing."
Them:  "_What'd_ ya do?"
Me:    "Well, I rolled out a change on that database host, and had
       to restart networking."
Them:  "And...?"
Me:    "I forgot I wasn't at console, typed /etc/init.d/networking stop,
       and didn't get a new shell prompt, for some strange reason."
Them:  "Ha-ha."

But I got to taunt them every time they updated a DNS zonefile and 
forgot to increment the S/N.

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