[sf-lug] Notes for the virtual meeting of Sunday October 3, 2021

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Tue Oct 5 16:51:41 PDT 2021

Hi LUGers,

     Well by a few moments I went to jit.si/sf-lug first but was
rapidly followed by Tom who was physicallly at a Cafe in

     Ken then came by though he seemed to be experimenting
with his Intel Stick computer which is running Debian if I
got that detail right.

     John S. came along though as myself he had no energy
for trying much out since the last meeting.

     Victor needs help with setting up a dual boot machine with
a programming environment running in a virtual machine
if I understood him correctly.  But maybe he wants to do
cross-compiling for the Raspberry Pi.

     Victor G. did not seem to need much help but it was
pleasant to have his presence online and a differing POV.

     Aaron C. still called in to share some information with us all.

     So Tom was experimenting with his Pine Phone in Berkeley
but not having too much luck.   None of the available OSes
seem to be able to make a phone call.  So that is disappointing
to everyone I am sure.

     I spent some time mocking Windows 11 which has the virtues
of using up stores of obsolete chips.  You can read about that
and the complications of Trusted Security Modules.
In addition one of the things W 11 will be good for is getting the
companies to shell our money for the latest Intel cpu chips to run
the every colorful program launcher on.  As they move to new
hardware the fall out should be a wider availablity of used
computers with more recent cpu chips.

     I myself had poured all my energy into getting a new platform
bed frame and that required eventually assembling a bed frame
which was exhausting but fortunately people helped me with
getting rid of the old box spring and frame.  It was absorbed by the
city so fast it was nearly unbelievable.  But it was exhausting to
bolt/screw/clamp all those pieces together.   I am on the verge of
seeing parts of my floor which had been obscured by storage boxes for
years.  I also disposed of my old Amiga 2000b computer with many
enhancements to a long time Internet friend.  I hope it does not harm
our mutual regard.

     Tom likes to stay abreast of the latest options in Linux Hardware
but has not gotten his new PI into service yet so I brought
this topic up:  From Linux Pro magazine Issue 251
                Steam Deck Linux-Powered Gaming System
                 Set  to Take Over the Handheld World
More than just a hand-held gaming system, the Steam Deck is a Linux-powered
system with a KDE interface that can be docked and used as a regular PC. 
Deck uses Proton as a compatibility layer to play Windows games on 
Linux, but
users are free to replace it. specs include an AMD 4-core Zen 2 CPU,
an 8-core RDNA 2 graphics unit,
16 GB of memory,
a 7-inch 1280x800-resolution touchscreen.
As far as game control, Steam Deck includes several trackpads, thumbsticks,
buttons, and triggers. A 40Wh battery is said to allow anywhere from two to
eight hours of use. The device is charged via a single USB-C port that
doubles as the means to connect the Steam Deck to external monitors and
docks. Steam Deck has three price points,
based on different storage options:
64GB eMMC using PCIe Gen 2, at $400
256GB NVMe SSD using PCIe Gen 3, $530
finally  a 512GB “high-speed” NVMe SDD also uses PCIe Gen 3. $650.
Valve plans on shipping the units in the US, Canada, EU, and the UK in 
2021. Reserve yours on the official Steam Deck site 

     And Tom has his on order.

     John S. had devoted himself to new social contacts and family during
the last month which is much more rewarding than keeping a computer

     Aaron had shared a few current references with us and I am sure
will be happy to do so here.

     Ken had his stick computer with an external camera which is an
essential accessory if you want to do a virtual meeting.  But the Stick
computer is tiny and it is hard to set up a camera without some
clamp or tripod.

     Well the next meeting is on Sunday November 7, 2021 and
whether it will be in person or virtual is up in the air as is the
status of the Pandemic then.  But there is a good reason to
keep it virtual as the ritual known as the Return to Standard
Time is on that day.  So remember to turn your clock back
an hour to enjoy the early morning darkness.

     I hope everyone enjoys Indigenous Peoples Day on
October 11th.  I think it should be First Peoples Day as
as less awkward phasing but no one asked me...

     And don't forget to enjoy Hallo'een by which ever
name you prefer on the 31st of October.  Gee masks will
fit right in...

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