[sf-lug] Portable system on USB connected Drive.

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Sep 26 10:06:07 PDT 2021

Hi LUGers,

     I found this on Usenet and the following is just what I wrote
about it.   It seems as though it would work with any Linux system.
             How to Install Ubuntu Linux on an External USB Drive to Make an
             Actual, Portable Linux System on USB Last updated 09- 26,2021
                     By Abhishek Prakas

             Now this procedure would appear to work on any Linux 
             merely by changing the Ubuntu to whatever system you care 
to use.

     /end quote

             Read the comment.  You will have to be prepared to change some
             minor stuff on the hard disk using GPartEd as per the 
             in the article.

             It seems to me that any USB connected external drive could have
         equally success and not be limited by the Flash Drive which can 
be quite

             Bobbie Sellers

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