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Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Mon Aug 16 21:18:37 PDT 2021

On 8/16/21 19:50, John Strazzarino wrote:
> This message should be from my gmail account.  Hope all are well
> John

     Well I am getting by. Down to about  8 flattish blocks per day. 
Sadly living on
the side of the Nob, flattish block are hard to come by.

     So are the 6540 and the 7540.

     I am a bit worried about the 6520 but expect to get it ready for a 
person who needs a
computer by September but may have to wait on a new battery. Keeping 3 
updated is a
bit taxing at my time of life...

     Bobbie -  'Nearly any fool can use a Linux computer. Many do.' 
After all here I am...

     Just found the worst page in the entire dictionary. What I saw was 
disgusting, dishonest, and disingenuous!

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