[sf-lug] Audacity brouhaha, the Flintstones meta distro

aaronco36 aaronco36 at SDF.ORG
Mon Jul 5 22:39:10 PDT 2021

Besides Bobbie S's SF-LUG post at [01] with the link to 'Audacity is now a 
Possible Spyware, Remove it ASAP' [2], there are now also at least these 
webpages concerning the current ongoing brouhaha with Muse's Audacity:
- Audacity's Desktop Privacy Notice from this Friday July 2nd, 2021 [03]
- The Register's 'Not for children: Audacity fans drop the f-bomb after 
privacy agreement changes' [04]
- Reddit's latest 'Audacity and all related' meta link [05]
- At least Reddit's 'Audacity spying on me' [06], '4 Solutions for 
Audacity's New Privacy Policy (Data Collection/Sharing/selling) On Linux' 
[07], and 'Open Source Audacity Alternatives' [08]
- Audacity's PR spin 'Clarification of Privacy Policy #1225' on GitHub 
- GitHub's 'New privacy policy is completely unacceptable! #1213' [10]
- GitHub 'temporary-audacity / audacity' project, a.k.a., 'Audacity Fork 
without any Sentry Telemetry or Crash Reporting' [11]

Anyone else want to add anything more on this?


Latter 1/2-title is alluding to the Town of Bedrock of the 1960's animated 
TV series The Flintstones [12].

Quoting Bobbie Sellers <bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com> from [13]:
> Well you can read this review of Bedrock Linux at the following URL:
> Bedrock ain't ready for prime time yet but it is an interesting attempt
> to deal with Linux distribution fragmentation.   It takes an installed
> Linux and converts it to it own special format adding a division called
> strata.  Then you can add strata until you have every tool you can
> find of interest from every distribution which you install to subsequent
> strata.  Seems to be systemd dependent from the list of compatible
> distributions but maybe that could be overcome.

Now quoting Comment 8 from DistroWatch [12] 'Bedrock Linux sounds cool 
but...' (by Bobbie Sellers on 2021-07-05 06:32:06 GMT from United States):
It is interesting I but is it ready for casual use? I rather doubt it.
If it was easy to find as a download I might even try the beta in 
VirtualBox but I did not spot the .iso file or .img file in much too long 
an exploration of its site reading introductory material but finding no 

By the way I have tried Qubes but I found it confusing as I lose the 
ability to multitask a bit more every day.

Better news is the fresh release of PCLinuxOS 64 2021 iso files.
But will get back to you on that.

In any case and re: "the fresh release of PCLinuxOS 64 2021 iso files", it 
seems from references [15] - [18] that PCLinuxOS is in a sense continuing 
to mirror more popular distros such as Linux Mint by having two 
pretty-desktop ISO offerings and a single lightweight desktop offering; 
KDE,Mate,XFCE for PCLinuxOS and Cinnamon,Mate,XFCE for Linux Mint.



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