[sf-lug] Meeting in person again as well as virtually...

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Thu May 27 21:11:44 PDT 2021

Hi Team,

     After consultation I have found that more a few of us showing up at 
any one
time at Cafe Enchante on June 6th may bother the operators of the 
as they have legal concerns.  They worry about keeping the business license.

     So we had best delay the en masse return until 4 July 2021
between 11 A.M. and 1 P.M.

     There is at least one new competitor for the users of CentOS up on
www.distrowatch.com and if we have any of those in the group they
might want to check out the current offerings there.

     The June 6th meeting will remain virtual but if you want a snack or
a good cup of joe with ritzy embellishments then you might want
to drop in at Cafe Enchante.

     In person or on Video see you later.

     Bobbie Sellers who runs Pretty Cool Linux Operating System aka 

On 5/22/21 12:08 AM, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting tom r lopes (tomrlopes at gmail.com):
>> Yay!
>> I will try to make it.  Will be my first SF-LUG in person.
> The coffee and pastries are pretty good; the company is exceptional.  ;->
>> I'll be trying out a hybrid meeting this Sunday using a
>> USB video conferencing device that I call CyclopsCam
>> but is actually a Logitech bcc950.  The concern is the
>> microphone is clear enough and the speakers loud but
>> not too loud.
>> I'll let you know next week.
> Pretty reasonable plan.  Problem areas (possible ones) to keep an eye on:
> 1.  I recall WiFi at Cafe Enchante, as at many such places, to be
> sometimes unreliable and not all that fast.  Worst case, you might
> have to fallback to cellular data.
> 2.  As you say, the speakers might get swamped by ambient noise, but
> the noise level is going to be no worse than you encountered in your
> earlier trial in Berkeley, and probably better.  In a way, the
> Logitech BCC950 not having very loud output is good for a place
> like a cafe:  It makes it less likely that management or nearby
> clientele will raise a fuss.
> Logitech's noise cancellation in their webcams' microphones has a good
> reputation.  Overall, going by what I'm seeing online, the unit looks
> like a really good choice, including compactness.  Somewhat inevitably,
> you'll need to sit somewhat close to a source of AC power, though.
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