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> On Mar 12, 2018, at 3:22 PM, Bobbie Sellers <bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com> wrote:
> Hi LUGers,
>     Hope everyone remembered the time change
> back to Pacific Daylight Saving Time on the 11th
> of March.  Hey i forgot it! Had to do it at 8 AM
> on Sunday.
>   SF-LUG meets every third Monday from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.
> and  every first Sunday from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. 
> at the Cafe Enchante, 26th and Geary Boulevard. 
>     These meetings are usually lightly attended with a high for the 
> year so far of 7 members.   If you have a problem come along 
> and maybe we can help but if not we can usually find someone 
> who can. 
> So I have downloaded and check-summed the Ubuntu release
> of 16.04.4 LTS in amd64 and i686 versions.  If anyone wants a 
> copy, let me know ASAP.  
> On Saturday the 10th I got a copy of Linux Pro Issue #208
> As usual the news is slightly out of date but worth the
> scan if for no more than Linux Torwalds' s rant about
> Intel's stupidity and inaction.  Also the latest version
> of Dell's Ubuntu laptop is described but it is beyond my
> current means,
> The Distributions of the month on a two-sided DVD
> are Fedora 27 Workstation in 64 bit and Net BSD 7.1.1.
> Articles include a Fedora Test drive and what is new
> in 27.  
> Terminal Tuning which is Tips and tools for a better
> BASH shell.
> Reviews of 5 To-Do manager tools.
> Yuno Host which is a Personal server for a private
> Cloud.
> Eelo which is a new smartphone and OS that reputedly
> puts User Privacy first.
> Servile Guardian about the use of the Protecli appliance
> which is essential able to run a super router and firewall
> service.
> Rasp Pi Tricks-spice up your TV with Lightpack, a diy project.
> BackBox a specialized Linux for Security Audits.
> Regular articles about various matters including Zack's Kernel News.
> LinuxVoice - maddog tells us about the Meltdown and
> Spectre problems. 
> Features: "apt versus apt-get"- Do you know about the new 
> package manager?
> DisplayCal which lets you get better displays on your Monitor.
> Ocenaudio 3.3.6  which claims a better interface than Audacity.
> Foss Picks;
> Do you want another browser?  Might look at Otter Browser!
> Need to take notes? Try Joplin which can be synchronized across
> several platforms.  
> WeeChat 2.0 a terminal based IRC client.
> Terminal search? Try ddgr which when installed will use
> DuckDuckGo to search as well as any other search engine
> adapted to this use.
> Suplemon is a text editor with some unique features.
> Mailspring is a desktop emai client which is a fork of
> Nylas Mail which tried to bridge the Cloud-Desktop
> divide.
> Pioneer which is a version of the old Frontier-Elite 
> space adventure game.
> SuperTuxKart 0.9.3 which is a racing game.
> A Tutorial  on USB/IP which allows direct access to USB 
> drives attached to other computer on your network.
> And more including lots of advertisements for DVD
> collections of past issues of the various publication
> that have accrued to Linux Pro publishers.
> I have setup Delta Linux on a 64 GB Flash Drive and will
> be happy to demonstrate it at the meeting.  I have to say
> that it is not the system I would like to be using but it
> is Linux.  
>     Delta Linux is designed to be portable from machine to
>  machine via USB or SD card,  It stores changes on the media. 
> Go to the URL below to download and to read the instructions 
> about how to set it up.
> <https://gosoftware.ddns.net/category/deltalinux/>
> Go to a menu entitled "downloads" and you can get the MD5
> sum.  You might have click on some inconspicuous links to
> get to the instructions.  Find those links and read the 
> instructions which are not complicated.
> Distrowatch was flooded lately with fresh releases of many
> distributions.
> Testing bootable DVDs:
>   I got 4MLinux 24.0 which is no longer so compact
> as previously but still has the same objectives.  It boots just find
> and has useful tools and ways to get more.  It is the only distro
> of the group to feature Opera as a browser.  It is a 32 bit
> distribution.
>     Then I grabbed a copy of KAOS 2018.03.  This was the most
> different of all the KDE Plasma 5 users and lacked some tools
> which I prefer to see.  No sign of Firefox much less
> Thunderbird.  It does have Krita and the Calligra tools.The task 
> bar comes up on the Right hand side of the display.  But if you
> find that annoying you can use the KDE Plasma facilities to
> put the bar where ever you please.
>     Siduction 18.2.0 Patience KDE 201803072323 came out the other
> day and I have written the Iso file to disk and will have it at
> the meeting.  By default it uses a menu launcher of icons,
> but that is switchable to my preference of an old fashioned
> menu.    It lacks Thunderbird trying to use KMail, VLC and 
> Krita, using a late version of LibreOffice but no games at
> all.  It does have a good manual but has to be accessed
> by Firefox.   Patience is the name of this version and it takes
> some degree of patience to wait out its Debian typically
> slow boot.  Looks lovely to me.  Of all the stuff I have
> tried out and looked at this month it is the best I think
> but then it is not PCLinuxOS64
>     Ubuntu 16.04.4 in the 64 bit version still looks just like
> Unity.  I don't care for this interface at all because it is
> hard to find programs without a compact menu and searching
> for what you want to use is a pain.  Usually I am able to find
> the launcher window with icons for the rest of the stuff
> but not today..  I did not bother with the 32 bit version
> as I am sure it works properly
> And next month Ubuntu 18.04 will be released.
> If I have written about a distribution that you might
> want a copy of please let me know so that I can
> have time to get it on media for you.
> I hope that some of us will show up next Monday
> at the Cafe Enchante.  Jim Stockford will probably
> be elsewhere.
>     Bobbie Sellers.
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