[sf-lug] Ubuntu 16.04.4 out and Delta Linux

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Fri Mar 2 17:26:04 PST 2018

Hi LUGers,

      Well the latest iteration of the Ubuntu Long Term Support version 
is out.
I have downloadedthe iso file for i386 having gotten the amd64 iso 
earlier today.

      Delta Linux is interesting as it represents a very portable item.
It is designed to go on a Flash Drive of  as little as 4 GB but I put
it on a 64 GB Flash Drive and found it takes a lot of time to
make "/dlhome" partition of 50+ GB.  It uses ext2 only so I don't
know yet if it can read ext3/4 or anything else.  It can see
and mount your hard drive partitions.  This is a full GNU/Linux
distribution using Open Box.  At the same time it may not be
sufficiently developed to do everything we hope a portable distro
can do.  For example it has to be run with the BIOS set to Legacy
mode.   I am not sure if root and user passwords can be setup.
I used my PCLinuxOS64 tool "ddCopy" to put it on the disk then
ran it and used GPartEd to expand the "/dlhome" partition to
use the rest of the Flash Drive.   The dlhome partition is for
changes and storage and uses some directories one might usually
find under "/root".   If you are interested in this you can go to
<https://gosoftware.ddns.net/category/deltalinux/> for more
information and downloads.  Not all the links are clearly marked
except by click here remarks.

      If anyone wants either of the these items you can wait
for the meeting after this one or get up and let me know
and Jim can pick up the bootable  disks or a data disk with t
he Delta Linux img. file from me.

      Bobbie Sellers

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