[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting of January 15, 2018 notes

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Wed Jan 17 14:58:49 PST 2018

Hi LUGers,

     Well most of those who attended seemed to enjoy the meeting.
     Sorry the notes are a bit late but RL got in the way.

5:35 p.m. Arrived at the Cafe Enchante.
      Mikki was waiting at the large table but I was of little or no help
for her.    The matter appears to be a hardware graphics problem in
  that part of the screen, with a vertical divide, displays garbled text
apparently and the rest of it a strip of more or less normal looking
display.  Whether booting from the hard drive or an external
installation DVD the display looked the same.

   Mikki is having second thoughts about trying to use a computer as
apparently she is worried about money.  I don't blame her as my
income is fixed and low for the City of San Francisco.

     I had tried to help Mikki but she was not willing to commit
  to any course of action besides buying a new computer at this
point.  She had bought the little ASUS PCeee, new 8 years ago
and has,  as she pointed out a good typewriter for the desktop
publishing, which isapparently, her main use.  She left by
7:00 pm.Another memberalso advised her and may tell her of a nice
refurbished machine once he checks with source.  I hope
that Mikki will return to computing somehow at our group
in the future.

     Tom had been waiting for  some time as he needed a net
  connection and the Library and most other cafes being closed,
apparently he waited working, a good part of the afternoon.
He came over and sat down at the table while I was still
setting up the Dell.

     Maestro came in and pursued his usual activities.

     6:15 Aaron C. was there too with his very nice netbook style
laptop computer with his Slackware installation.

     Later Aaron showed off his Slackware installation. He is using
a nice picture of a transit platform that caught my attention.
Otherwise the XFCE desktop looks much the same as on other
XFCE installations.  It also seems very neat in Aaron's installation.
Very suitable for the 9 or 10 screen on his Lenovo.

     After i dipped in my disk collection, another member,
  carried away a copy of Gecko Linux which is a distro designed for
installation to disk or to a Flash Drive to provide persistent memory and
provide a consistent desktop in whatever 64 bit PC box you plug it into.
The persistent memory could store images and documents.  As well
I got that person a copy of Kali and of Parrot security full.

     Gecko has several desktops and I tried KDE's Plasma 5 but
it would not boot on my Dell.  My next choice was Mate but
Gecko has several other desktops.  The Mate booted and seemed
to work normally. <http://geckolinux.github.io/> is where to find
the distribution.

     So with plenty of time on my hands I booted up FatDog64
version 7.20 from a CD and found it to be the best looking puppy
yet. Nicely textured soothing(as Aaron remarked) green background,
with the task bar at the bottom and a menu full of choices with only
a few icons shown on the top left side but it mounts all of your drives
and these icons come up in a neat row across the bottom.

     Following up to the previous meeting Jackie B. did fix her problem
with configuring her printer in Ubuntu 16.04.3 after getting our advice.

     About 7:45 pm I finished off my decaf soy latte, packed up my Dell
and optical disks and and left shortly after 8 pm. Aaron, Tom and
myself rode back to downtown.  Tom left us first with the need to
catch 2 more buses, I got off at Hyde, and Brian continued on to
his Cross Bay connections.

     Any attendee with another point of view of the proceeding is
invited to reply.

     Thanks for your attention!

      The next meeting at the Cafe Enchante will
be on Sunday February 4, 2018 and I should have
the regular notice up on January 29th.

     Happy New Year!

     Bobbie Sellers
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