[sf-lug] On a slight BSD tangent...

acohen36 acohen36 at SDF.ORG
Mon Jan 8 18:43:21 PST 2018

Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

> ... a short-lived small firm named Easy Software Products (which
> was mostly one guy, Michael Sweet) released CUPS (Common Unix Print 
> System[..]) as a fresh, from-scratch approach starting in 1999, and was 
> immediately and enthusiastically adopted by practically all Unixes 
> including Macintosh OS X (but not Free|Net|Open|DragonflyBSD, which
> stuck with lpd)... because it doesn't suck.

Speaking tangentially about *BSD's "which stuck with lpd", someone 
from Anchorage's AlaskaLUG put up an OffTopic posting earlier today 
entitled 'unbranded pfSense?'[1]. Apparently, both pfsense[2] and 
OPNsense[3] are FreeBSD-based specialist operating systems designed for 
firewalls and routers. San Jose, CA's Untangle NG Firewall option[4] OTOH 
is based upon Debian (GNU/)Linux.

Just a brief, mostly unrelated topic of passing interest here.
You may now return to your "regular" topic(s) of discussion :-)


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